PowerHouse Golden Girls

PowerHouse Womens Rugby has had many players pass through our fold, and in an effort to keep those no longer playing (for fact of age or place of residence), up to date on whats happening with the team, the Golden Girls newsletter/blog is here to keep you posted.

Friday, February 29, 2008

Season 2008 underway

Pre season is well underway and competition is scheduled to start with a 7's round robin on 12th April. With the usual Grand Prix interruption, training nights are currently Mon & Wed at Alma Park (between Chapel and Westbury Street, St Kilda East).

PowerHouse Golden Girls hear the call: "either tape up those broken bits and get down to training, prepare your picnic basket and get ready to support the girls from the side line this year, or if your game... pick up a whistle!"

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mull 7's 2007

Below is a tour report from Char (photos courtesy of Orla) about the eventful journey PowerHouse took to Mull....

"We took a team up there representing Powerhouse as there are so many of us over in London at the moment. Unfortunate Domp's was unable to come and Emily was in fact representing her own country (we let her get away with that - congrats to Ems!!!!). In the end we had me, Beth, Orla, Tam and a friend of mine, Selina, who turned into our only representative from Australia, albeit from Perth and with no rugby experience at all. No matter what the numbers as we ended up joining with the local team, Mull, who was also short on numbers, and also grab some players from GHA in Glasgow who had plenty of numbers.

The tour started in Glasgow with a tour of the West-end. Good intentions of being a little touristy but in the end it became a pub-crawl. Got to do what you are good at huh! To get to Mull we had to take a local train - that’s right - another 3 hours of drinking, not to mention the rest of the evening. The atmosphere made even more fun by the fact that we were all wearing the same uniform. How can you not have fun in a wig!

Thankfully the next morning we all felt wonderful and lucky for us we all woke up still in our uniforms. Cracked open another beer and got the ferry across to Mull.

I have to say that the prospect of actually playing after so many years was quite daunting. Luckily playing rugby is like riding a bike - you never really forget. Unfortunately for our new recruit that meant a badly sprained ankle in the first minute of play…..we did actually score off her pass before she was tackled and hurt.

Lo and behold we actually won our first game and had a draw in the second - on the points count back we sneaked into the final. Unfortunately the level of fitness of the girls (nothing to do with 36 hours of drinking) played a major factor. We held them for a short period but then they managed to run around us quite a few times. Bit of a shame but all in all we think we did Powerhouse proud!

The rugby over, all there was left was to drink and party. Back in Glasgow we caught up with another Powerhouse oldie - Jimmy MacDonald who has settled into married life with a little one on the way. The drinking of course did not stop until the girls got on the plane back to London on Sunday a night. In fact they woke up with their unfinished beers unspoilt in their hands. I would like to claim I did as well but an excessive amount of drinking led me to miss my flight. An 11 hour bus ride the next day to get back to London was the punishment.

All in all it was a great weekend and I would like to invite any Powerhouse girls who are over here or planning on coming over here to get in touch so that we can do it all again next year!"

Hello from icy Berlin from Jackie 3!

"... After a year and half of work/study/rugby adventures in Belgium, Norway and Germany I'm still here in Berlin and so far haven't managed to get kicked out of the country.

Right now I'm working at the Free University in Berlin and one of our projects is in the final of an online competition sponsored by Nike. If we are one of the 3 winners we get some cash to put towards our project that's helping to get women and girls in Kenya involved in boxing and running. See the details below on the competition and the Boxgirls project. Please register and vote for us!

Would love to hear from you and find out what's doing downunder - If i don't hear from you I'll just check in with flo..."

Boxgirls Roadworks: Girls and Women Running the City

One of our projects here at the Freie University Berlin, has been selected as a finalist in an online competition called Nike – Changemakers Sport for a Better World. The aim of the competition is to promote leading innovations that use sport to improve community, accelerate development and drive social change.

Our project is called “Boxgirls Roadworks: Girls and Women Running the City” and is an initiative to develop a boxing and running program for women in Kenya. There are 16 finalists out of the 382 entries from 69 countries and the final part of the competition is an online vote.

We would really appreciate your help to make it to the winners circle. To vote you need to:

1) Register on the Changemakers website and create a profile

2) Login to Changemakers http://www.changemakers.net/competition/sports

3) VOTE! - Select your top three competition entries and submit your votes. You must vote for three finalists for your ballot to be valid.

Take a look at the entry for Boxgirls Roadworks and you might also be interested in the other projects from Kenya such as the entries from Moving the Goalposts. You can even add your own comments to the discussion if you want to contribute to the online forum.

The public voting began on 18 February and closes on 2 March 2008. If we are one of the 3 winners, the project will receive $5,000 to grow and work towards sustainable change for women in Kenya.

It would fantastic if you could forward this email to your contacts that are also interested in sport and social change and encourage them to vote. Send me a quick email if you get a chance to vote so I can keep track of our progress.

Thank you in advance for your support!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Summary of Season 2007

Last year saw exciting changes to Victorian/Australian rugby, with the introduction of the Australian Rugby Championship (ARC) and our very own Melbourne Rebels. The Rebels were great, matches were held at Olympic Park and croud's of around 5000 turned up for each match. Another new level of mens rugby was introduced, called the Pillar Cup. The Victorian clubs were organized into 6 pillar (groups of clubs) teams, PowerHouse being the primary force behind the WestGate Power team. In fact (as it turned out through the season) PowerHouse WAS the Westgate Power team. The boys did a good job of juggling the new competition with premiership rugby and managed to come away with both the top trophies in the state, Premier1 grand final winners and the Pillar Cup winners. Unfortunately the ARU in their wisdom have pulled the plug on the ARC (boo!) so no more Rebels, but the Pillar Cup is still here, so come on the WestGate Power!!

For the girls, the year drew to a close in familiar territory. At Box Hill in a Grand Final against Northcote. This time we got to share the pain with Monash. Due to numbers woo's, we merged with Monash for the final rounds of the season. The match wasn't particularly 'grand'... we lost. With two mens sides to watch in the afternoon, the girls moved on pretty quickly (to the beer!!)


After a year in electronic wonderland, I'm back! I'm so sorry I haven't been able to keep you abreast of powerhouse rugby goings-ons. I've been passwordless and its taken a while to negotiate the monolith that is google. all good to go now :)