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PowerHouse Womens Rugby has had many players pass through our fold, and in an effort to keep those no longer playing (for fact of age or place of residence), up to date on whats happening with the team, the Golden Girls newsletter/blog is here to keep you posted.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Summary of Season 2007

Last year saw exciting changes to Victorian/Australian rugby, with the introduction of the Australian Rugby Championship (ARC) and our very own Melbourne Rebels. The Rebels were great, matches were held at Olympic Park and croud's of around 5000 turned up for each match. Another new level of mens rugby was introduced, called the Pillar Cup. The Victorian clubs were organized into 6 pillar (groups of clubs) teams, PowerHouse being the primary force behind the WestGate Power team. In fact (as it turned out through the season) PowerHouse WAS the Westgate Power team. The boys did a good job of juggling the new competition with premiership rugby and managed to come away with both the top trophies in the state, Premier1 grand final winners and the Pillar Cup winners. Unfortunately the ARU in their wisdom have pulled the plug on the ARC (boo!) so no more Rebels, but the Pillar Cup is still here, so come on the WestGate Power!!

For the girls, the year drew to a close in familiar territory. At Box Hill in a Grand Final against Northcote. This time we got to share the pain with Monash. Due to numbers woo's, we merged with Monash for the final rounds of the season. The match wasn't particularly 'grand'... we lost. With two mens sides to watch in the afternoon, the girls moved on pretty quickly (to the beer!!)


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