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PowerHouse Womens Rugby has had many players pass through our fold, and in an effort to keep those no longer playing (for fact of age or place of residence), up to date on whats happening with the team, the Golden Girls newsletter/blog is here to keep you posted.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Season 2009 is underway!

Season 2009 is underway!

To get the rugby juices flowing, a couple of weeks ago some of the PowerHouse girls made the trip down to Cerbrus for the Vic Rugby centenary celebration 10's and had a run with Northern. The great news to come out of that event was the introduction of a new team - Wyndham City - hip hip hooray! A lot of new girls with a few experienced players - Wyndham seemed to enjoy themselves and we hope they become a long term success story. They have a very supportive club environment so things look good.

With the season proper starting on the 18th of May for seniors, the PowerHouse girls had their first run out as a team at the Womens 10's at Northern (see pic). Scores were low all day, with most teams appearing pretty evenly matched. We came second in our matches. (Northern 20-5, Box Hill 5-0, Monash 5-0). A deliberate ploy or an accident (you be the judge), we did give the opposition a psycological boost.... Sao didnt arrive till the second half of the last game.

Other news - we have a new coach! Tiana joins us from Queensland (East Tigers) and has played rugby for 5 years, and has coached Touch, Athletics and Swimming. We also have a cast of new players (a few complete brand newies) that are all doing really well. In particular, Nicky was a standout at the 10's - watch out for this star.


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