PowerHouse Golden Girls

PowerHouse Womens Rugby has had many players pass through our fold, and in an effort to keep those no longer playing (for fact of age or place of residence), up to date on whats happening with the team, the Golden Girls newsletter/blog is here to keep you posted.

Monday, September 18, 2006

GRAND FINAL - Northern at Box Hill

a super hot sunny day and all our teams were on field 1 (yeah! - means we didnt need to move the eskys).

the girls kicked off at 9am, our preperation not the best because of the early start, but we took the pitch in a relatively good frame of mind. The game was very competitive, with Northern playing on the edge of the law the whole game, losing a few calls every now and then, but winning ground every other time. the score (19-0 to Northern) dosnt really reflect the closeness of the competition, it wasnt a walk over, but they did play that little bit harder, faster, stronger.

The colts were out matched in their match against against melbourne, but definilty were the best dressed team one the day - they all looked quite dapper in their shirts and ties - just how a rugby team should look (note to self: we must have 'number 1s' for after matches next year...).

And to the firsts. At half time i must admit the crowd had their heads in their hands. 20-0 down, why is it so! the back lines passing was pretty ordinary and was definitly the downfall of the first halve. a few great tries in the second half and with about 5 min to go we only down by 2 points. two more tries gave PowerHouse the win and cause for much rejoiceing!

There was plenty of celebrating for the rest of the afternoon, evening, night, next day with 1st grade getting a bit of the sporting hero treatment back at the club! Stay posted for some photos.

Monday, September 11, 2006

Semi Final - Monash Uni / Box Hill at Quins

The sun was shinning, the colts got a wild card entry into the semi's (well actually, Moorabin got disqualified), and we had a sensible kick-off time of midday. The omens were good. We put together more phases than an electrical sub station, suzie & little mel made john eales' jumping in the lineout look ordinary, and our inside backs put the tries on. Final score 22-12 and we're in the grand final! (coincedently, colts won their match with exactly the same score line) Grand Final day will be Power House Day - with the women at 9:10am (yes, bloody early i know), colts at 1:30pm and first grade at 3:15pm.

Help Orla Ride

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Semi Final - Northcote at Home

Billed to be a fairy tale day at home, with colts, the women and 1st grade all playing in semi finals at home, the day bode well for the ladies.
Good preperation (involving burgers for some, water for others and heavy psyc-up music for a few) was made, and the game kicked of at the very civilised hour of 2pm. the HUGE crowd were cheering for the home team (thats US) and although a few girls started the match with a little stage fright, the shouts of 'Go House' worked wonders. We had em rattled, we had at least 80% of the ball possession, Gromit scored a length of the field try, we even held up about 5 of their try attempts! but unfortunately.... yep you guessed it.... they won. Thats ok, just means it will hurt em more when we beat in the grand final :)
As a footnote, colts lost (and were eliminated from the finals), 1st grade had a good win over Melbourne earning a walk through to the Grand Final, and we play Monash/Box Hill next week at Quins)