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Monday, June 02, 2008

Round 4 - Monash at Home

This weeks news comes from special reporter Renee:

The first day of winter in Melbourne saw a lovely crisp but sunny morning at Albert Park. The girls came into the game with high hopes of a victory & they did not disappoint.

With ex coach Darryl on the side line to give the girls lots of advice, Grom, Doc & Shannon watched the girls come home with a landslide win & it was a lovely game to watch.

It was tough to see Nashie & Nat on the other side line working for Monash - but it's very good for women rugby Victoria.

Stand outs for the day were Sao - her bone crunching tackling was unrelenting & continuing pressure ensured Monash's new backline were a little shaken.

Kara managed to wander in before half time but made an immediate impact helping the girls cross the line several times.

Beth had a great game at number 9 & her boot didn't let her down.

Katie our "How To" girl got white line fever and made the forwards proud crossing the line also.

Our Japanese import also looked the part at number 10 & played with confidence.

The line outs should also get a mention with a ton of possession coming our way.

Anita the slippery little number 9 went over for Monash, who unfortunately were 4 girls down due to no shows by the start of the game. Jo, Anita & Caylie were standouts for Monash. Taxi was quiet due to a weeks illness.

Court session later in the day ensured the girls were in fine form for the Super 14's finals which unfortunately saw the Tah's loose to the nasty (but sexy) Crusaders - not even the wranglers could keep their horse power at bay with the team's mascot stallion breaking loose at full time.

Good luck to the girls for states this week.


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