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PowerHouse Womens Rugby has had many players pass through our fold, and in an effort to keep those no longer playing (for fact of age or place of residence), up to date on whats happening with the team, the Golden Girls newsletter/blog is here to keep you posted.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Round 2 - Northern at Endeavour Hills

All the teams made the excursion to Endeavour Hills this week to put on a good show of womens rugby in the east. After a late start due to a ref 'no show' - Monash got a lesson in 'how-to-score-a-try-from-broken-play' (several times over...) from Box Hill (ouch!).
We played Northern immediately after. The same absent ref was scheduled for our match too, so Jo (Monash) volunteered to hone her ref'ing skill for our game. She did a great job - mustn't have run hard enough in her game ;) !
The score line blew out a little with plenty of 'run-round-us-wide' tries by Northern, but the try of the match was definitely our forward burst down the blind side from about 30m out (no I'm not biased at all!).


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