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PowerHouse Womens Rugby has had many players pass through our fold, and in an effort to keep those no longer playing (for fact of age or place of residence), up to date on whats happening with the team, the Golden Girls newsletter/blog is here to keep you posted.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Round 1 - Monash at Monash

Despite of the crappy forecast, the sun was out for a good game of rugby at Monash on Saturday. We were a couple short but still played as full a game as possible, our scrums were solid and we were really effective at broken play. the score was pretty close for much of the game. there were two contenders for the 'most glamorous feature of the game':
1) our rolling maul that went for 30m, or
2) nose's leg ('just a bruise' you might say, well this bruise stuck out so it looked like a grapefruit was sitting on her leg)
Monash pulled away with a win close to the end of the match, showing that fitness and clever kicking can win games.


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